Favorite #EdTech Tools of 2015 @zaption @peardeck @techsmithedu @desmos @socraticorg @wacom #flipclass #edchat

Here are a few of my #EdTech tools of 2015:

  • Camtasia – used to screen record & video edit my flipped classroom videos
  • Zaption – used to add interactive elements + monitoring
  • Pear Deck – used in class to engage students in a dynamic discussion
  • Desmos – to graph, create activities, and so much more
  • Socratic – to allow students to give and receive math help
  • Wacom tablet – to write on-screen with the accuracy of a fine-tip pen


ZAPTION enables me to truly personalize my flipped classroom by embedding formative assessment directly into video lessons. This information guides students in focusing on key information in the video and also equips me with analytics before class meets – to target areas to review with the whole class and to pre-identify one-on-one work necessary.

Here is a sample #flipclass video that my students watch for homework: Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 4.38.01 PM

Click to play — this video is meant to showcase the most basic elements to create an effective lesson.

If you’d like to use and customize this tour, you can find it in the Zaption Gallery here.


I have been using CAMTASIA since 2010 to create and edit my screencasts. In this post, I explain some of the reasons why I choose to use Camtasia.


I have been using SOCRATIC for the last several years as a way to encourage my students to help others work through challenges and to give them an opportunity to have a global reach:


For all my math & science teacher friends, DESMOS is a tool you must have in your toolbox:


PEAR DECK is a teacher presentation tool to increase student participation & engagement by allowing real-time formative assessments and discussions. Using Pear Deck is one of my favorite ways to start class:

One thought on “Favorite #EdTech Tools of 2015 @zaption @peardeck @techsmithedu @desmos @socraticorg @wacom #flipclass #edchat

  1. Hi Stacey, I’d love to show you our product called Palitt which allows you, as a teacher, to create your own customized eBooks (math in your case) that can be changed at anytime. Palitt automatically generates practice tests and labs for the students. We use AI as the base for the core content and rely on inspired teachers like you to then add you own color and customize the content. email me if you’d be open to learning more. We will be attending the 21 Century STEM Conference later this month. http://arizona-stem-collaborative.org/21centurystem/

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