#TeacherPD: Using Online Discussions in the Classroom, Enabled by @Zaption #edchat #edtechchat #flipclass

Many times, I see teachers assign video for homework and then have students respond in a discussion forum to begin engaging in a conversation. Using Zaption, teachers can create this dynamic learning experience all in one place!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.12.41 PM

Click start to begin video lesson. Jump to 1:30 in the video if you’re only interested in viewing how to use the Discussion element in Zaption. 

This lesson discusses the power of using online discussion in the classroom to enhance learning, including some key advantages and best practices. After a general overview of the pedagogy, this lesson shows how to use Zaption’s discussion element. It walks the viewer through both the students experience and the teacher view (including how to use the analytics).

Feel free to copy & edit this lesson for your own use. You can find the public lesson in the Zaption Gallery:

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