Highlighting Effective Teaching Strategies Used by @joboaler w/ @EDpuzzle #edtech

I’ve taken one of my favorite recorded classroom lessons, presented by Jo Boaler, and used EDpuzzle to highlight the excellent teaching strategies she uses. My goal in this post is not, actually, to talk about effective teaching strategies; rather, I want to present an idea for using EDpuzzle as a classroom observation tool. In making this sample video critique, I figured I’d use a lesson I think all teachers should watch to learn from :) In the sample I’ve created, you’ll see how I’ve used various EDpuzzle elements to highlight excellent teaching strategies utilized by Boaler in the recorded classroom lesson.

Using EDpuzzle as a Classroom Observation Tool (Jo Boaler Teaching A Dot Card NumberTalk)

Further, EDpuzzle could be used for teacher training, for teacher observation and coaching, and just for a general reflective practice. In a professional development setting, coaches could use EDpuzzle to give audio feedback, annotate classroom footage, and embed questions for reflection. As a personal growth activity, teachers could review their own classroom lesson. We all have cell phones, which makes it incredibly easy to record a video of our teaching. After recording a face-to-face lesson, the teacher could use EDpuzzle to self-reflect using text and audio elements. Taking this activity to the next level, the teacher could team up with a coach or peer to get further feedback. By inserting quiz questions in the EDpuzzle self-reflection, the teacher could prompt her coach/evaluator/peer for suggestions and advice. The coach or evaluator would then be able to respond directly in EDpuzzle to provide feedback.

The above is one example of how EDpuzzle can be used as a tool for teacher growth. If you’ve used EDpuzzle in a creative or unique way, I’d love to hear more! And if you’re interested in reading more about how EDpuzzle can be used for student projects, check out this post I recently published: Student Projects in EDpuzzle: Tutorial & Examples for English, Science, Math, Foreign Language, & PE

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