Sutori: Documenting Student Process & Work Through a Timeline @SutoriApp #edtech

In this post, I wanted to share how Sutori can be used to help students document their work throughout a project, to create a final presentation, or to create a timeline of events. Sutori will help students tell their story and process in a visually appealing format.

Here is an example student project featured on Sutori’s site:

Sutori Example

Here is a walkthrough of Sutori I created: A Highlight of Some Key Features

Reasons I’m recommending Sutori:

  • It’s interactive
    • easily add images and embed video
    • add interactive quizzes
    • create threaded discussions and forum questions
  • It’s collaborative
    • have students work together, in real time, like a Google Doc

Ideas for using Sutori:


How are you having students document their process as they work through projects, labs, and papers? And how are we using that to emphasize the importance of process (versus just assigning a grade for the final product)?

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