Using @Flipgrid to Connect to a Global Audience @Savvy_Educator #edtech

I wanted to share an assignment that I recently saw shared by @Savvy_Educator through twitter. This specific assignment is geared towards National Poetry Month and students contributing to a Global Forum. Even if this specific assignment does not relate to what you do in the classroom, I thought the idea might serve to inspire. As well, I wanted to highlight Flipgrid as a tool that you might be interested in using. It’s been one of my favorite edtech tools of 2017 so far!

In honor of National Poetry month, I saw @Savvy_Educator share this challenge:

April is National Poetry Month! Students can be “Global Collaborators” by adding to & engaging in discussions on

What is Flipgrid: Flipgrid allows students to engage in a discussion through video. So think of a discussion post that you might typically assign in your classes, but student communicate through video!


Tech setup: None! Students do not need accounts or any fancy setup. They can just use the webcam on their computer to create a recording and it will automatically be added to the Flipgrid. There is also a mobile app (iOS and Android).


What is the Poetry Month assignment: Students in grades K-12 can share their favorite poem or original poem with the world. Students in grades 9-12 can comment directly on this grid: The time limit is 3 minutes for this assignment.


Bonus: Teachers are encouraged to share their favorite poem or original poem here:


I hope that this might inspire some ideas! If you’re interested in seeing how I am using Flipgrid in my AP Calculus class, check out this post:

Using Flipgrid in Online APCalculus to Allow Students to Verbalize Their Thinking Process

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