#APCalculus Cram Video – Tips & Tricks for the #APCalc Exam #flipclass

I wanted to share a massive review video that I created with some of my final tips & tricks for AP Calculus test takers! This video is *not* meant for one sitting. It is two hours long and I go over many types of Free Responses question (giving pointers for how to write for the AP Exam along the way).

If you open the video on YouTube, you’ll find a table of contents (linked with timestamps) in the description box (hit “show more”).

Tips and Tricks; AP Calculus AB Exam Cram Video

As well, I made a quick video reviewing the AP Calculus AB Exam Changes for 2017

Finally, for additional practice, I suggest checking out albert.io. You can get a discount to premium material by emailing: will@albert.io.

To all AP Exam takers, GOOD LUCK with your preparation!!!

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