My Math Classroom, Flipped: Saving Time & Empowering Learners #WhyITeach @McGrawHillK12

McGraw-Hill asked if I would be interested in contributing to their Art of Teaching series. When I read through some of the stories featured, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to share my flipped math class journey and how it has sparked my passion for finding new and exciting ways to transform the classroom by thoughtfully integrating technology.

My Math Classroom, Flipped: Saving Time and Empowering Learners, featured on McGraw-Hill Education

I am a high school math teacher. When I began teaching AP Calculus, I felt tremendous pressure to get through material way too quickly. My students were anxious and I was losing sight of the calm, excited, inspiring classroom atmosphere I so desired. This problem that I had, though, led me on a pretty wonderful journey to discovering new and innovative techniques to take my classroom to a whole new level.

Back in 2009, I asked myself a question. How could I shift class time back to the students? How could I give them time to engage in discussion without feeling flooded with new information to digest at an all-too-quick pace? I knew my roadblock: the 20–30 minute lecture that I was doing on a daily basis.

It was the summer of 2010, at the Building Learning Communities Conference, that I learned about Camtasia Studio — software that would allow me to create a screencast, edit my video, and produce and share my final product. As soon as I saw a demo of Camtasia, I knew that my classroom would change completely. And it has!

I started by simply having students watch a video at home, for homework, and then come to class the next day ready to work problems and engage in discussion. The format worked immediately. It was a customized, personalized model that I knew would help my highly motivated students thrive.

But this was only the first step of my journey.

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