Using @SutoriApp for Students to Track Study Progress & Reflections #edtech

In our final three weeks of AP Prep, I give students a variety of resources to study from. Though I still give some full class assignments during this time, I want to make sure that each student is studying based on their specific needs. For this reason, I feel it is important that I give them some choice in assignments.

This year, I decided to have students track their study progress in Sutori. They were required to do about three posts per week (though many did more). I asked that they note what they had reviewed as well as some mental reflections – what had they learned in reviewing the resource, what did they still have questions on, what were some key takeaways that made the resource helpful in their studying?

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.47.49 PM.png

There were many benefits to having students document their study progress in Sutori:

  • It helped me identify individual student needs.
  • It allowed me to spot recurrent themes to bring to the attention of the whole class. This information informed what additional resources I produced.
  • Each student had all of their study progress documented in one place.
  • Once students shared their Sutori link, they could continue to update their work without having to republish or change their share link.
  • Students were required to be reflective in their studying since they had to summarize key takeaways and areas they still had questions about.

Using Sutori allowed students to document their study progress in a visual format through embedded video and images. This made it simple for me to skim over exactly what they had worked on. With math, I usually prefer snapshots of work rather than typed out equations. So I certainly appreciated the ease of embedding both images and video content. The fact that students could update their work without having to republish the page was key in allowing me to make this an ongoing activity.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.59.48 PM.png

Overall, I felt that having students document their study progress in Sutori was a simple idea that worked rwell for our end of year studying. Not only did it help keep students accountable by having to track their work, but it also forced them to be reflective. As the teacher, this “communication channel” between my students and myself was an effective way of targeting both class and individual needs.

Sample student work:

Added features to note:
Though I did not have students work together or print their final projects for this particular assignment, Sutori does allow for collaboration & printing.

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