Inspiration: Ideas for Using @SutoriApp #edtech #reflection

Sutori is a great tool to help students document their work throughout a project, to create a final presentation, or to create a timeline of events. Sutori will help students tell their story and process in a visually appealing format.

I have written about Sutori before:

In this post, I wanted to share some ideas for using Sutori in a variety of subjects. The Sutori team actually provides a series of Walkthroughs featuring topics such as: How to Use Sutori – Business & PersonalHow to Write a NarrativePD: Sutori for the Digital Classroom. I took their How to Use Sutori and modified it a bit to include more subjects and to feature some additional projects I’ve found and loved:

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 12.01.26 PM

Inspiration: Ideas for Using Sutori in a Variety of Subjects

3 thoughts on “Inspiration: Ideas for Using @SutoriApp #edtech #reflection

  1. I shared this with my school district and I’ve been trying to get teachers to use Sutori. After sending this to the teachers, I took a closer look and the Chocolate Fudge Bundt Cake is a Sutori I did as an example for my students.

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