Moving Beyond Numbers & Symbols – Shifting the Math Mindset Using @Flipgrid & #VisualMath @LetsVedChat #Vedchat

This week, I had the chance to guest host #Vedchat. The questions I chose revolve around how we are teaching our students to communicate in math class, how we are shifting math mindsets, how we are making learning math more visual, and how Flipgrid can be a tool to help us take our classroom to the next level.

Vedchat Cover

If you have not heard of #Vedchat before, it is a weekly slow chat powered by Flipgrid, so the conversation all happens through video.

The Vedchat discussion on teaching math can be found here: Feel free to listen and reply at any point you happen to be reading this post! The discussion never closes, and I look forward to having more of these conversations in the future as we work to transform what the ‘traditional’ math classroom looks like.

One thought on “Moving Beyond Numbers & Symbols – Shifting the Math Mindset Using @Flipgrid & #VisualMath @LetsVedChat #Vedchat

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