Using @Flipgrid to Share #BLC17 Conference Highlights @NLearning @globalearner

Since I am at the Building Learning Communities Conference this week, I thought it would be fun to try and use Flipgrid to gather some conference reflections and highlights.

#BLC17 Highlights Flipgrid

The main purpose of setting this up is:

  • for conference participants to capture their own thoughts based on sessions attended, as a reminder of things to revisit later
  • for conference participants to reflect on things learned so far and begin brainstorming how they might implement these ideas in their own classrooms
  • to share ideas with those at BLC and beyond

For those of you attending BLC17, it would be awesome if you would contribute a response or two!


#BLC17 Roshan Session Reflections

In addition, at the end of my presentations, I always like to give participants a couple of minutes to reflect and think up a couple of actionable next steps based. For my BLC session, I decided to have everyone do this reflective activity using Flipgrid.

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