#BLC17: My Presentation Slides & Resources #EdTech @PearDeck @Flipgrid @EDpuzzle @SlackHQ

I am excited to be at Alan November’s Building Learning Communities Conference again! This conference is certainly one of my favorites and I credit it with inspiring me to change my classroom forever (see: memories of how my adventures in #flipclass began). I’ll definitely be sharing a lot this week on this blog and through Twitter, so stay tuned for that.

This year, I’ll be presenting two sessions —

Below, I am sharing my session slides as well as some articles, videos, and sample student work I will be referencing in my presentations.


BLC Flipgrids:

  • #BLC17 Roshan Session Reflections: https://flipgrid.com/fd0f32
    • For participants to reflect on ideas that resonated and/or general takeaways from the session.
  • #BLC17 Highlights: https://flipgrid.com/c59d6a
    • To house conference highlights, favorite sessions attended, and ideas learned here at the Building Learning Communities Conference.
  • Flipgrid Upgrade Code: STACEYROSHAN (through 9/30/17)

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