My #OneWord2018 :: FOCUS

I recently read a blog post by Corey Thornblad and Gretchen Hazlin — Forget the New Year’s Resolution. Try a Teaching Intention. A perfect read for winter break! Some of my key takeaways from that read were:

  • Can you set a one-word intention for the year? How can this one-word intention for your teaching practice guide you through the rest of the school year?
  • Having one word to guide you can help you when it comes to decision making.
    An intention can keep you grounded.
  • If you set an intention for your teaching practice, you can say yes to the stuff that supports it and try not to get distracted by the stuff that doesn’t.
  • A teaching intention is a perfect way to stay true to ourselves so that we can continue to grow professionally.
  • Keep your intention positive for maximum success
  • Instead of “stop stressing” reframe your intention to “calm” or “tranquillity”.
  • You want to pick a teaching intention that builds you up.
  • Intentions have to be organic and they have to be something that makes you feel better about your work.

After reading this article, I realized that I know my goals, my passions, what makes my heart sing. (And I actually did an exercise in listing out the parts of my job that get me pumped on a daily basis.) But I don’t always stay true to those things and easily get bogged down in the small detail. And so, I decided that my #OneWord2018 would be: FOCUS. (Graphic created using Buncee)

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