#EdTech’s 2018 In/Out List f/t in @InnovateMySchl (@PearDeck @Flipgrid @SutoriApp @AdobeSpark @EDpuzzle)

I am excited to share a post that I had a chance to write as part of Innovate My School’s Hottest EdTech Trends series!

Since I was a teenager, I have always looked forward to the In/Out List published in the Washington Post right before the start of each new year. So, as Innovate My School discusses the ‘Hottest EdTech Trends’ this month, I thought I’d have a little fun and put my own spin on the idea.

My goal here is to highlight technology that will allow teachers to make assignments more student-centered and interactive. In addition to giving a brief description of each tool, I am including a variety of links to blog posts I’ve written which showcase the larger learning goal achieved when weaved into the curriculum. At the end of the day, effective edtech integration is all about the shifts in learning made possible by taking advantage of the new technology available. So as you read the below In/Out list, I hope you will keep focused on the learning outcomes rather than the cool-factor of some of the tools themselves. Because when we approach our problems or pain-points in this way, I think we can truly transform student learning.

So, here goes the 2018 In/Out List – edtech style

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