Getting Started with Read&Write and #EquatIO — Tutorials and Thoughts @texthelp #edtech

These past couple months, I have been playing with both Read&Write and EquatIO, by TextHelp, to brainstorm ways we can be using these tools to help all students learn. Currently, we are using Read&Write mainly for students with learning accommodations. But I feel that we are missing out on an opportunity to help all students engage with their reading and writing using the toolbar. And I’ve been blown away by some of the developments to EquatIO in these past couple months!!

My first step in this journey has been conversations with our English and Math departments. Once I have our vision better laid out, I will share more thoughts on my blog. But I’m not there yet… The second step is piloting Read&Write and EquatIO and onboarding students. To that end, I’ve made a couple of student tutorials —

I hope to have more updates to share as these conversations continue. I hope that this post also allows me to connect with some of you who have experience launching these tools site-wide and creating meaningful assignments in a variety of subjects.

As with all tutorials I share in my blog, please feel free to copy and modify if they help in your efforts!

4 thoughts on “Getting Started with Read&Write and #EquatIO — Tutorials and Thoughts @texthelp #edtech

  1. Hi Stacy! Question. How are you having EquatIO inserting the equations into the google doc and not be blurred? I used to be able to without problems, but now, when I enter anything directly from EquatIO, it is very blurry. I can drag it to different sizes, and still blurry. I have ended up screen shotting the equations and insert them as an image that isn’t editable. Any ideas?

    • Never mind! After watching your tutorial, I found the options area. I am using the premium version, but the math font was listed as regular, which was causing it to blur. If I put it at XX large, when it imports into the google doc, it is big, but if you make it smaller, it doesn’t get distorted, and stays unblurred.


      • Hi Shai — glad you figured that out! Glad the tutorial prompted you looking at the options :) Thanks for sharing your solution. EquatIO is an amazing tool, isn’t it?

  2. I like EquatIO a lot because I am a google doc fan, but I couldn’t get others on board because of the blurriness. Now that I have figured that out, I am excited to show them.

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