Creative Ways to Use @PearDeck Vocabulary (aka: Flashcard Factory) #edtech

You probably already know a thing or two about Pear Deck if you read this blog :) But you may not have tried using Flashcard Factory. The main purpose of Pear Deck Vocabulary is:

“Increase retention and engagement with this fun, team-oriented vocabulary game! Let students work together to create the best example sentences and illustrations for your vocabulary terms. At the end of the game, review and choose the final flashcard set. You can export the final set to Quizlet – and you don’t need even need a Quizlet account.”

Though called “vocabulary,” you can use Flashcard Factory in creative ways beyond simply quizzing students on new words. For example:

  • have students connect a new term to information they had learned in a previous unit (connect the new with the old)
  • emphasize the drawing capabilities – have students come up with clever drawings, comics, puns, etc. to help them learn new terms
    • file-RnjSs3k9L2.png
  • have students create sentences using key words from the unit
  • have students use vocabulary terms to create mini, illustrated “scenes” in a story
  • class vocabulary building challenge: instead of having specific vocabulary words in mind, challenge students to creatively fill in the blank
    • ie: He ________ the pizza; the team with the most creative response will be awarded the points
  • have students write descriptive sentences about places on a map
    • can be used in English class (ie: a book that takes the reader through a variety of cities); geography (key facts, languages spoken, currency)
  • in foreign language class, have students translate sentences from native to target language and draw a corresponding picture to show their understanding
  • for PD sessions, have fun with pedagogical terms, reviewing new policies, etc.

Pear Deck has put together some helpful guides (with screenshots) walking you through:

Have you used Pear Deck Vocabulary in creative ways? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

* Shout out to Monsieur Will Fritz, @Spkmall on Twitter, for inspiring some great ideas.

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