Intro to @PearDeck Vocab w/Options to Export to @Gimkit or as Printable #Flashcards #edtech

I wanted to share some tips about using Pear Deck Vocabulary (aka: Flashcard Factory). To begin, here is a blog post I’ve previously published on Creative Ways to Use Pear Deck Vocabulary in a Variety of Classrooms.

In today’s post, I want to share a video walkthrough where I take you through:

  • the process of creating a vocabulary set in Pear Deck
  • launching Flashcard Factory in the classroom for students to play in teams (showing both the teacher & student view)
  • the quality control phase where you can accept/reject terms as a class to review and talk about all submissions
  • how to export the final set
    • all new export options: printable flashcards or share to Gimkit
      • includes a quick breakdown of how to copy/edit in Gimkit, flip terms/definitions that were imported, and what the set looks like from the student end

Table of Contents

  • 0:00 Overview of Pear Deck Vocabulary and some ideas for ways to use it in the classroom
  • 02:46 Creating a sample Pear Deck Vocabulary set
  • 03:30 Launching a Pear Deck Vocabulary set (teacher view & student view)
  • 04:00 Playing a game of Pear Deck Vocabulary (student view)
  • 05:45 Moving to Quality Control phases
  • 06:00 Export options: print flashcard set or Export to Gimkit
  • 06:40 Exporting Printable Flashcard Set and ideas for using post-class
  • 07:50 Exporting to Gimkit and playing (view from student end)
  • 08:40 Copying the Pear Deck Vocabulary set to your Gimkit account, editing, and playing
  • 09:20 How to flip the question/answer options imported into Gimkit
  • 10:00 Launching a session with a different class/block and finding previously closed sessions

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