Using @Wacom’s #BambooSlate, @zoom_us, & @SlackHQ to Teach Online #edtech

I wanted to do another quick post on how I am running my Online AP Calculus class this year. As I’ve mentioned before, I am loving my Wacom products (especially my new Bamboo Slate this year). And, my students are absolutely in love with Slack! Having a class Slack channel is, hands down, what they’ve mentioned time and time again to be their favorite part of taking an online class.

I have recently been using to host my online, synchronous sessions. I started by using Google Hangouts, but I’ve found Zoom to be even better and easier.

I made a very quick recording where I show a quick snip from my Online AP Calculus session (where I am using my Bamboo Slate to write) and then I talk you through my process. At the very end of the recording, you’ll see how – with the click of a button – I am able to upload all of the notes from my Bamboo Slate to Slack. It’s pretty amazing.

Using Wacom’s Bamboo Slate, Zoom, & Slack to Teach Online 

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4 thoughts on “Using @Wacom’s #BambooSlate, @zoom_us, & @SlackHQ to Teach Online #edtech

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