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I wanted to share a fun interview that I had a chance to do with VideoScribe. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that VideoScribe is one of my favorite tools to create visually impactful, handwriting animation-style videos. I’ve been using VideoScribe for years, as you will read about in this interview…

There’s something very special about speaking to an enthusiastic teacher who loves what they do. That’s why when we interviewed Stacey Roshan, we came away feeling empowered and positive.

We asked her about the integration of technology in her lessons, and her thoughts on engaging students with video.

Here’s what Stacey had to say…

How long have you been using VideoScribe?

I created my first VideoScribe in 2013. Funnily enough, the first VideoScribe project I created was “A #FlipClass Welcome” to explain the “why” behind my flipped classroom model to parents at back-to-school night.

What do you like the most about VideoScribe?

In creating a project in VideoScribe, I always start by sketching out my story. I love that VideoScribe provides a blank white canvas for this as opposed to most other programs which work as slides. In using VideoScribe, I find that I can more creatively tell my story by zooming in and out of sections of the canvas. This initial laying out of my story on the blank white canvas is a critical component in discovering how I want my message to unfold and areas I want to bring emphasis to.

“As an educator, there is a lot of power in pairing text with visuals.”

The process of sketching a story in this way requires the synthesizing and summarizing of information in an intentional and concise manner. In creating a handwriting animation-style video, it is painfully obvious when you are using too much text.

As an educator, there is a lot of power in pairing text with visuals. VideoScribe has a large library of sketched drawings and you can pull any image into your project. Research shows that having students associate new knowledge with a visual helps retain knowledge in long-term memory.

Check out the full interview here


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If you are interested in trying VideoScribe, you can grab a free trial here*

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