#DBCBookBlogs: Tech with Heart

I am incredibly honored by this blog post Alicia Ray (@iluveducating) has written about my book, Tech with Heart, and how she personally connected with the story I’ve written.

Educational Hindsight

I’ve been a fan of educational technology for some time now. In fact, that was the initial focus of this blog. So naturally when I heard there was a book to be released from Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc on the topic, I was pretty excited.

Okay, so, I was really excited.

The latest book from DBC, Inc is written by Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo on Twitter). Tech with Heart is all about using technology, not just as a cool tool but in order to give you more time really getting to know your students, as well as the voice it gives our quieter students.


I knew immediately that I would connect with the book because of the topic, but it wasn’t until I dug in that I realized how much I connect with the author, too! Stacey is precious! She is a perfectionist. She shares so much of herself in…

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