Pear Deck Templates Tip (with a focus on SEL templates) @PearDeck #edtech #SEL

I wanted to share a quick tip on getting started with some of the new slide templates that Pear Deck has been working on.

The templates are “meant to jumpstart your use of interactive questions so you can create amazing moments of classroom collaboration and engagement.” And the Pear Deck team is now focusing on some social-emotional question types, which I’m excited to share here.

Tip_ Pear Deck SEL Templates

I have created a quick video that will take you step-by-step through the process of adding a template slide to your Google Slides presentation: Using Pear Deck Templates in Your Lessons (Focus on SEL Templates)


Here is a direct link to the PEAR DECK TEMPLATES that are available.

In addition to just adding these slides to your lessons, I think it is important to think about how you will use the information that comes in from these question types to inform your teaching. For some of these questions, it’s probably most important to go back to the Teacher Dashboard after class and check in with individual students as appropriate. For other questions, a class discussion from the Projector View (anonymous) can make for a great conversation.

Here is a link to the blog post Pear Deck published with some background about their Social-Emotional Learning Templates.

Reminder: as I show in the video, you can edit the text and even the images on any of the pre-made slides to customize for your needs. The only thing you cannot delete/modify is the bottom bar of the slide, with the Pear on it. If you delete that bar, your slide will no longer be interactive.

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