Dominate Your Niche, Podcast Episode with @iamDrWill (s/o @PearDeck, @Flipgrid, @Sutori)

I had another chance to be on the Dr. Will Show Podcast! Will Deyamport, III, Ed.D & I dig into my journey to becoming a teacher → edtech integrationist, coach, speaker, author… the power of developing relationships & modeling… helping teachers in the current climate… & more!

The Dr. Will Show Podcast

Here are some timestamps to highlights from the episode:

  • 0:30 My journey to becoming a teacher and then edtech integrationist
  • 5:00 A passion-driven journey to where I am today: writing a book, working with edtech companies like Pear Deck & more
  • 10:00 How my background in (behavioral) economics has influenced my work
  • 13:00 How my book, Tech with Heart, has been received and led to new connections & speaking opportunities
  • 18:00 Conference speaking as an opportunity for growth and reflection
  • 21:00 What the flipped classroom now means to me & shifting ownership over to students while also building their confidence
  • 24:00 How to stay fresh!
  • 26:00 Building relationships with companies like Flipgrid & Sutori through experimentation & innovation
  • 30:00 The power of modeling & relationship building in my edtech role
  • 35:00 Branding
  • 39:00 Empowering student voice, example from my classroom last year using Flipgird
  • 42:00 Helping teachers during remote learning and sticking to my journey
  • 54:00 Helping teachers in the current climate & the power of asynchronous PD

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