Alan November Podcast Episode: Evolving with Heart with @lainierowell & @buddyxo

I had the privilege to be on Alan’s November’s podcast again! This time, Lainie Rowell, Alan November, and I sat down to talk about out collective experiences teaching in a blended and online format. We focus on ideas for building a community of learners in an online setting, strategies for giving students more agency in their learning, providing students a variety of platforms to express themselves, and more.

This episode of “evolving with heart” is a master class in teaching during the Covid 19 pandemic and beyond. Award winning educators and authors Stacey Roshan and Lainie Rowell share their years’ of experiences with online learning. You will gain insights into how to build community and to create compassionate learning communities that empower students. It is both inspiring and practical for ALL educators! Their approach of “evolving with heart” is the healthiest and most productive way forward!


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