Let’s Dive into Reflect & Review in @PearDeck #feedback #reflection #edtech

Pear Deck recently released Reflect & Review to “help create more powerful learning moments after the session ends.” Reflect & Review allows:

  • students to review and reflect on prior work
  • teachers to grade work & provide feedback by student
  • teachers to choose when students can/cannot make revisions to their responses

Here is a detailed walkthrough of Reflect & Review in Pear Deck from both the teacher & student view:

I also wanted to share an idea for implementation. Using Pear Deck Takeaways combined with Reflect & Review, teachers can build lessons that allow students to self-assess and revise their work before submitting a final version to be graded. Teachers can then leave feedback, by student, using Reflect & Review.

Guiding Students to Self-Assess & Correct with Pear Deck Takeaways + Reflect & Review Feedback:

Have you used Reflect & Review in Pear Deck yet? Or are you planning to in the fall? Share any additional ideas you have in the comments or on Twitter!

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