Some Flipped Classroom Inspiration f/t @khanacademy @wacom @explainevrythng #edtech #flipclass #flippedclass

Earlier in the summer, I had the opportunity to join forces with Khan Academy, Wacom, and Explain Everything to give some guidance to teachers on creating Flipped Classroom videos. In addition to providing some general strategies I’ve picked up over the years, I was able to share tools that I recommend to teachers trying to find a simple & effective workflow — namely using Explain Everything paired with a Wacom Tablet.

I also had the opportunity to join Reshan Richards, CEO & co-founder of Explain Everything and Faik Karaoglu, Executive Vice President Branded Business at Wacom for a webinar focused on tips for creating effective flipped classroom videos.

That all led to an awesome contest + giveaway, where teachers had an opportunity to submit a video they created. The Khan Academy team has featured some standout videos on their blog — Khan Academy’s Top Educator Videos of 2021. Teachers got so creative in their submissions and there are many inspiring videos featured, filmed using a variety of techniques. Make sure to check out the blog for videos on all different subject and topics:

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