.@ShakeUpLearning Podcast: How #EdTech Can Help Build Relationships, Ease Anxiety, and Empower Learners!

I am excited to share that I had an opportunity to be on Kasey Bell‘s podcast. I have been so inspired by Kasey’s work for years. She puts out countless resources for educators and so generously shares practical tips & pedagogically sound practices. I am truly appreciative for all that Kasey has done in the edtech space over the years to support teachers & their growth, so it was a real honor to be a guest on her show!

In Episode 126, we talk about How Technology Can Help Build Relationships, Ease Anxiety, and Empower Learners! We covered so much ground in our 40 minute chat. I hope you enjoy it and take away some ideas that you’ll be able to implement. Kasey also does a wonderful wrap up of show highlights in her blog post about the episode.

Thank you for tuning in! Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead.

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