.@Canva Video: Video Editor + Screen Recorder #CanvaForEducation #edtech

Canva has just launched a new VIDEO EDITOR tool! It has been possible to create animated graphics for a while now in Canva, but the new release:

  • brings a timeline editor mode to Canva
  • allows you to record a video (with your webcam and/or a screen recording) directly in Canva
  • includes free stock footage, music, icons, images, and more
  • allows for real-time collaboration
  • and more.

To learn about these new features, Canva has created several tutorials that are not only instructional but also teach some wonderful design tips! Each of these videos is under 3 minutes.

1. Working with video: start your Canva video project

2. Timeline basics: how to arrange & split scenes, create transitions & duration, & more

3. Make it move: add animations and transitions

4. Audio Essentials: adding multiple audio tracks

5. Finalize your video: collaborate, get feedback, and export your video

The above series of tutorials does not cover how to record a video of your own video (front facing camera and/or screen recording) right in Canva, so I suggest watching a one minute clip from this video to see how that works: https://youtu.be/mAJochoLo20?t=158 (minute 2:30 – 3:30)

If you’re interested in learning more tips for creating animated graphics in Canva, I recommend this video: Tips for creating an animated Canva project (without recording video of your own)

I’d love to see what projects your students create with Canva, whether that is a video, newsletter, graphic, poster, or something else!


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