.@Boogieboard Blackboard Smart Notebook Set: Paperlessly Sync Handwritten Notes to the Cloud with a Tap #edtech

If you’ve been reading my blog or watching my YouTube videos for a while, you know that I am very interested in the intersection of digital and analog. So when I learned about Boogie Board’s smart pen, I was interested in how this device can help students and teachers.

This is where the Blackboard Smart Notebook Set comes in, which includes:

  • The Blackboard writing tablet (you can choose between Note size or Letter size) — this is what you’ll be writing on
  • The Blackboard smart pen — this is what you’ll be writing with; when using this special pen, your handwriting will sync to the Blackboard App
  • The Blackboard Note folio — this is a case that attaches to the writing tablet itself

After using the Blackboard Smart Notebook for a couple of weeks, I think this device is most useful for students. I know that students K-12 love writing on whiteboards. In part, they love doodling ideas and thinking out solutions on a medium that is so easy to erase. While I love letting students work on whiteboards, this work isn’t saved anywhere so it limits when they choose to use a whiteboard. They can take pictures of their whiteboard, but that usually ends up on their camera roll, requiring an extra step of saving and organizing that information somewhere else if they want an easy way to access and retrieve that information later. With the Blackboard smart pen + Blackboard App, on the other hand, all handwritten work is instantly captured and saved to the phone app. From there, you can name your documents (to search and find later), organize documents into folders, and more. 

To learn more about the Blackboard Smart Notebook set and how to use the companion Blackboard App, please check out my detailed walkthrough:

Video Walkthrough & Review: Boogie Board Blackboard Smart Notebook Set: Paperlessly Sync Handwritten Notes to the Cloud with a Tap

If you’re a teacher who is looking for a way to make your handwriting from the Boogie Board Smart Notebook to show up on your computer screen in real-time, check out this video to learn how to set that up: Boogie Board x Gridaboard for Displaying Handwritten Notes in Real-Time


Use code: STACEY15 to save 15% on any Boogie Board product at http://www.myboogieboard.com

Blackboard Smart Notebook Set, Note Size*: https://amzn.to/3Ced7ob

Blackboard Smart Notebook Set, Letter Size*: https://amzn.to/3GcNIxL

* These are Amazon affiliate links. You can find my list of tech recommendations here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/staceyroshan

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