Navigating the #Edtech Landscape with Stacey Roshan on the @KognityEd Lead Educator Podcast #TechWithHeart @KognityEd @Flipgrid @PearDeck @Wacom @Edpuzzle

I had a chance to sit down with Andy Rhodes, Customer Education Manager at Kognity, to record an episode for the Kognity Lead Educator Podcast.

We start by talking about my journey into edtech integration and my flipped classroom. I talk about what went well and things that I did wrong so that you can learn from my experiences! Moving to a more student-centered space where students are empowered with the resources they need to drive their learning forward while being coached and supported as needed is a shift, and it’s important to build trust with students, parents, and administrators as we make these changes in our classroom.

We then dive into some of my favorite topics, like rethinking what active participation looks like. Edtech tools provide us powerful ways to give every student a platform to share their ideas in a format that best fits them. We obviously talk about the next-level relationships and connections that I’ve been able to build through the intentional integration of these edtech tools into the design of my lessons and classroom.

This graphic outlines some of the key points we discuss in this episode:

Take a listen here — Navigating the Edtech Landscape with Stacey Roshan on the Kognity Lead Educator Podcast

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