Technology with a Heart — #Sketchnote of my @KognityEd Presentation by @MistyKluesner #TechWithHeart #edtech @PearDeck @Edpuzzle @Flipgrid

I wanted to feature a brilliant sketchnote of a recent talk that I did. Educator Misty Kluesner created this sketch based on the presentation I gave at the Engage by Kognity conference. I am so honored to see the ideas I shared captured so brilliantly in this graphic.

As you know if you’ve heard me talk before or read my book, my goal is always to start with the pedagogy first. A tool is only a tool until it is part of a solution. Transformation happens when we are able to intentionally redesign our lessons with specific learning outcomes in mind. For me, I almost always lean on tech tools to achieve my goals and those objectives usually revolve around student agency, building community and relationships, empowering every voice in the room, and helping my students build new levels of confidence.

Please enjoy the beautiful visual representation of my talk that Misty created:

I encourage you to check out more of Misty Kluesner’s sketchnote illustrations on her website here.

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