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I’ll be keynoting this year’s virtual Constellation Learning Symposium on April 1, and I’m really pumped for what this event has planned! Read on for details about Constellation Learning, major themes of this event, and a discount code for 50% off registration.


Constellation Learning is working to “support and grow a network of independent schools and faculty who share the belief that coming together creates a stronger learning community. Through Constellation Learning Institute, schools and teachers explore new models of education, utilize shared excellence in teaching and professional learning, and collectively resource to expand passion-based course offerings for their students.”


The Symposium will begin on March 31 with a 1/2 day opportunity for partner schools and teachers to brainstorm and strategize together. The learning will continue on April 1 for a full day of sessions & professional learning. The sessions will focus on three main threads:

  • effective pedagogy,
  • high impact and useful educational technology, and 
  • building community and relationships.

At the conclusion of all sessions, I will lead a reflective keynote tying together the three main conference strands, sharing my own personal journey and experiences, and providing attendees the opportunity to plan forward and goal set before moving on.


Leveraging Technology to Strengthen Relationships, Ease Anxiety, and Empower All Students with a Voice

My interactive keynote explores how educators can leverage technology to create a safe learning environment where all students feel empowered to contribute in a style and format that feels most comfortable to them. With the right tech tools, we can gain powerful insight into both full class and individual student needs, create more time for one-on-one interaction, and provide each learner with the resources they need to take ownership of their learning. I will highlight how simple web apps, like Flipgrid, Edpuzzle, and Pear Deck, can help refocus our use of classroom technology — away from disconnection and towards connected, compassionate learning.


Even though this symposium will be virtual, there will still be contests and giveaways embedded into the conference! Raffle items will include some offers for a one-year Pear Deck premium license, swag packs from Flipgrid, and even a giveaway contest for a Wacom tablet! Oh, and you can win a copy of my book, Tech with Heart, too!!


Registration link:

Discount code: Roshan2022 (50% off all registration options) 

I hope to see you there!

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