Saying Goodbye to My Sweet Buddy

15 years ago, a 2 year old toy poodle named Buddy came into my life. I never could have imagined that this tiny pup could possibly have such a huge heart and show me such tender love and affection every single day for 15 years. I am so incredibly lucky to have been Buddy’s mama.

As I write this, I am absolutely drenched in tears. Buddy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is running free again alongside his friends who passed before him.

Many of you already know the story of my Twitter handle, but in case you do not, let me tell it one more time. Back in 2010, I was at Alan November’s Building Learning Communities conference. During his main stage talk, he told us that Twitter is the ultimate connection tool that we all needed to be on. He instructed us to make a Twitter account there and then if we did not yet have one. Of course, I listened to Alan. Thinking that I’d never actually use Twitter (perhaps only use it to lurk and learn), I decided to use buddyxo as my Twitter handle. I was clearly missing my dog, so “Buddy hugs and kisses” seemed like the perfect thing to enter into that name field at that moment.

I’m not yet sure what I’m going to do without my little companion attached to my foot or lap every waking moment. I know he will be missed during my virtual presentations — he’s stolen the show quite a number of times in the past two years! My heart is hurting and the tears won’t stop flowing, but I also feel such gratitude for the amazing years we had together.

Buddy — you brought me more joy and comfort than I ever could have asked for. Every time I walked through the door, you greeted me like I had been away for 100 years. I couldn’t get two steps in without you grabbing and hugging my leg while simultaneously jumping up and down with pure joy.

Be free, my sweet angel. I’ll hold you in my heart (and Twitter handle) forever.

Video of Buddy, through the years

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