Unlocking the Power of #Introverts | Career Therapy Podcast @CareerTherapy_ @Flipgrid #TechWithHeart #EmpowerEveryVoice

I had a chance to sit down with Martin McGovern, founder of Career Therapy, to record a podcast episode focused on leveraging technology to unlock the power of introverts! I truly hope this episode will plant seeds for leaders & teachers – we can leverage some of the simplest technology tools to create more inclusive & empowering conversations, meetings, and lessons. I hope viewers will walk away with ideas for shifting the traditional dynamic & gain empathy for all the unique styles of learners we have in the room. And, too, that this episode will help individuals embrace their own personalities & creative strengths to build confidence.

For those interested in the simplest tool I’ve found to create a forum for some of the video-based discussion & idea sharing I talk about, Flipgrid has been incredibly effective.

Show notes:

In today’s conversation, we discuss the importance of leveraging technology to unlock the potential of introverts, how we can increase our confidence through both learning and teaching, and how to get away from ideas of what we’re “supposed” to do, and start doing the things we’re meant to.

During this Episode, We Discuss:

00:00 introducing Stacey Roshan

2:36 What’s Stacey’s definition of an introvert?

5:51 What does she see in the classroom?

7:31 Different styles of student communication

10:00 What’s YOUR communication style?

12:23 How did Stacey find her ‘power?’

17:43 Q&A on meetings

25:56 Surprises for Stacey during her tech overhaul

29:26 Why is recording video so important?

33:02 Attention spans shrinking / inclusivity

29:43 Trust, confidence, imposter syndrome, and DOING IT

49:25 Setting a confident tone

53:24 People did NOT do it overnight


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