Meetings, Transformed: Ensuring All Voices are Heard f/t @LucidSoftware @Lucid4Edu @PearDeck @Loom #edtech #leadership #suptchat #cpchat #leadlap #meetings

You’ve heard me talk about the flipped classroom at length and embracing edtech to provide a platform for every learner to contribute their ideas in a format that best fits them. I recently had a chance to give a talk geared to education leaders and coaches. In this session, I focus on transforming the traditional meeting culture to:

➤maximize face-to-face time,
➤cultivate stronger relationships, and
➤build more inclusive conversations representative of all ideas in the room.

You’ll see me demo these ideas using a favorite tool of mine that you hear me talk about often, Pear Deck, combined with Lucidspark for real-time collaboration. In a live demo, I share how to create an interactive pre-meeting agenda in Lucidspark designed with conversation starters, recorded video (created with the power of Loom’s integration with Lucidspark), and more.

I hope that watching this session will not only help you discover the power of Lucidspark but will also help you recognize the importance of opening up simple forums so that every voice can contribute and weigh in on the conversations you lead.

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