A Full Review of #MartyTheRobot by @RoboticalLtd for K-8+ #STEM #coding

“A real programmable robot with character!” That’s the slogan used by Robotical to advertise Marty the Robot and, after spending some time with it, I’ve got to say I think that’s pretty accurate!

Check out my full video review where I:

  • talk about using Marty in the classroom for grades K-8+
    • for younger learners, see how to use:
      • Marty’s offline mode with color blocks
      • the controller/sequencer to make Marty move, dance, and even tackle obstacle courses
      • Scratch Jr style coding
    • for older learners, see how to program with Scratch style coding
  • show demos of Marty executing each style of coding
  • share a walkthrough of detailed lesson plans & activities available to accompany Marty
  • give my overall impressions after playing with Marty over the span of a couple of weeks

If you are interested in seeing what Marty can offer for you and your students, you can trial Mary for 2-weeks FREE using this link: robotical.io/techie-musings-marty-the-robot-free-trial/

I hope that this detailed review gives you some insight into all that Marty offers. As you’ll see, I was highly impressed and had so much fun playing personally and with my nieces. Marty is adorable and the opportunity to make it dance and play with its ball, combined with being able to customize Marty with some character of its own with stickers, made it even more appealing.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can find me on Twitter @buddyxo. I also am just getting started on TikTok @staceyroshan & Instagram @buddyxo, but I do have some fun clips of Marty posted there!

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