How Edtech Tools Can Humanize Learning – and Help All Learners Thrive @Edpuzzle #TechWithHeart #edtech

For the month of August, Edpuzzle chose to use my book, Tech with Heart, to spark conversation about embracing edtech tools to:

  • connect with students on a personal level
  • help our quietest students make their ideas heard
  • ensure strong communication with parents so that they can become part of your trusted team
  • create the optimal environment for all students to participate

To compile some of the ideas and tips shared, the Edpuzzle team published a detailed blog post: How Edtech Tools Can Humanize Learning – and Help All Learners Thrive

Connecting and building up students has been Stacey Roshan’s mission. Sure, she’s a dedicated math teacher invested in student academic success; her flipped classroom and online teaching models attest to that.

Over the years, however, Roshan recognized that teaching students and reaching students are two entirely different things.

As she notes, “Imagine a classroom where we could empower every voice in that room — where we celebrated the ideas of not only the students who raised their hands but where every individual had a platform to make their thoughts seen.”

Roshan’s firm belief in the power of technology to help students find their voice, build their confidence, and take ownership of their learning creates, she affirms, compassionate classrooms where both teachers and students feel empowered.

I also had a chance to join their team as part of their Edpuzzle LIVE series, which you can check out here:

I hope you find these resources both inspirational and helpful! Thank you for taking the time to read.

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