Fraction + #Coding Lessons with @RoboticalLtd’s #MartyTheRobot | #STEM #mathchat #mtbos #edtech

You may have seen some of my posts featuring a very cute robot dancing around! I have been having a blast flexing my coding and creative lesson planning skills with Robotical’s #MartyTheRobot.

When the Robotical team released some new math lessons, I had to check them out. I found their fraction activity interesting and decided to put a spin of my own on it.

I created two lesson plans with recorded demos, which you can view here:

  1. Introducing Students to Fractions with Marty | Zeno’s Paradox
  2. Teaching Fraction Equivalencies with Marty

If you’re interested in checking out more lesson inspiration and my code, you can find it below. I hope you enjoy these ideas! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me a private message.

Lesson Inspiration + Code for Fraction Activities with Marty the Robot

If you are interested in seeing what Marty can offer for you and your students, you can trial Mary for 2-weeks FREE using this link:

If you’re interested in more, join me over on Instagram or TikTok to keep up with Marty’s adventures!

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