#Grammarly + #AI + Your Voice = #GrammarlyGO: @grammarly’s new AI features on Chrome & Mac Desktop

As a long-time user of Grammarly, I have been eagerly anticipating the release of their new AI tool, GrammarlyGO. In this video review, I take you on a detailed walkthrough of GrammarlyGO’s AI features on the web, including in Gmail and various social media apps, as well as on your desktop.

Table of Contents:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:38 Overview of access to GrammarlyGO on a free plan
  • 1:13 Demo of GrammarlyGO in Gmail
  • 1:57 Setting your preferred voice & tone in GrammarlyGO
  • 3:47 Replying to an email with GrammarlyGO
  • 5:30 GrammarlyGO in Twitter
  • 6:58 GrammarlyGO in the Grammarly Editor to write long-form content
  • 8:11 AI on your desktop – Grammarly Mac x NotePlan
  • 8:37 Summarize information and articles
  • 10:26 Overall thoughts: Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, Desktop Apps

My initial impressions were great overall. I love how easy GrammarlyGO is to use and how seamlessly it integrates into the websites and desktop apps that I frequently use. As someone who has been using Grammarly for years to check my writing for spelling and grammar errors, as well as for general improvement recommendations, I am thrilled to have this added functionality readily available through a tool that I already trust.

Note: I am using the FREE version of Grammarly in this walkthrough, which limits you to 100 prompts/month (versus 500 prompts/month with Premium)

Get started with GrammarlyGO for free

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