Building School Community By Sharing Stories of Books We Love @CallingIshmael @BullisSchool

I wanted to share some more awesome stories submitted to our Call Me Ismael phone. (If you missed my initial post about this initiative, you can find details here.) As I’ve listened to each of the stories that have been submitted so far this year, I’ve been amazed at just how much we can learn about one another through these short 1-2 minute recordings. I am such a fan of the mission of the Call Me Ishmael project! As a school, though, I think that using this phone is an awesome way to build community, and it would be cool to see more schools learning about one another in this way.

For January, we allowed Juniors and Seniors to share books they’ve read and loved:


If you’re interested in hearing some of our stories, I’ve archived them in a Soundcloud playlist, which you can find below:

I encourage you all to check out the Call Me Ishmael project and maybe even to call in with a story of your own to share!

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