An Overview of Boomerang for Gmail to Optimize Your Workflow & Keep a Clutter-Free Inbox #InboxZero

About a year ago, I wrote a post How I’m Using Boomerang to Optimize my Email Workflow. Without hesitation, I can say that Boomerang for Gmail is one of my absolute favorite apps. It allows me to keep my inbox well-maintained and as stress-free a place as email can be. I use just about all of the features Boomerang has to offer, including:

  • “Send Later” feature to set a date/time to send an email
  • “Boomerang” feature to return an email to your inbox at a later date/time that you specify
  • Inbox pause to temporarily stop emails from coming through
  • Boomerang for iOS which includes a Brief Me feature with an overview of my calendar and unanswered email tasks

Since Boomerang is so high on my list of favorite things, I wanted to share a quick video preview of what Boomerang looks like in Gmail and some of my favorite features:

If you’re new to Boomerang, I believe this link will allow you to trial Boomerang Pro free for 30 days:

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