My Email Workflow Using @Boomerang for @Gmail #InboxZero #Productivity  

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ve seen me talk about productivity tips and one of my favorite apps out there, Boomerang.

I was recently talking to a colleague about how I use Boomerang and sharing some workflow tips. After an awesome brainstorm with her, I thought I might share some of those tips here.

In this video below, I share my workflow for keeping on top of emails and using Boomerang as my second brain to remember and keep track of things that need to be done now… and later. I also use Boomerang to help me do focused work and strategically block times to tackle similar tasks.

If you’d like to read more blogs that I’ve written on how I use Boomerang, take a look at these posts:

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One thought on “My Email Workflow Using @Boomerang for @Gmail #InboxZero #Productivity  

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