Meetings Scheduled with Ease Right from Your Gmail: Using @Boomerang’s Bookable Schedule #productivity

It has been a while since I’ve published a post focused on productivity. This topic goes hand-in-hand with my interest in intentional tech use. I have done a ton of reading on the topic of productivity and focus, and one of my goals is to share more about how I have applied some of the research to my own workflow and what type of impact it has had on my wellness.

What I want to focus on in this post is a new feature that has been rolled out to Boomerang for Gmail. I’ve written a number of posts on Boomerang before:

Boomerang has recently launched a solution to make booking meetings more friendly and efficient! Check out my overview video below to learn more about Bookable Schedule.

Note that your invitee does not need to have a Boomerang account to sign up for an appointment slot with you. Bookable Schedule will also automatically reference any calendars you indicate to ensure no conflicting events are being booked, thus eliminating the need for you to manually maintain your calendar of availability based on other meetings or appointments that get scheduled!

Meetings Scheduled with Ease Right from Your Gmail: Using Boomerang’s Bookable Schedule

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